Tuesday, 23 October 2007

David Beckham Blogs on 18 October

Hi everybody,

After spending the past few weeks working hard on my fitness you’ll be glad to hear that I now feel ready to play, and hopefully I’ll be on the bench for the game against Red Bull New York today. Obviously I’m not completely match fit yet, but I hope to get on and play a little, which will help my fitness. The team have been absolutely brilliant lately, winning five games in a row, so I know it’ll be a challenge to get back into the starting eleven. I went along to the Galaxy Foundation Charity golf day on Monday and, although I couldn’t play, I did enjoy watching the rest of the squad playing and got to meet some of the fans, which was great.

That’s all for now,


Sorry I have not posted lately. My computer had major problems (so I had to buy a new one) and yesterday I got back from the Rubgy World Cup in Paris.

England lost :(

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Janie said...

We played our hearts out though didn't we! A great team . We gave too many penalties away though. I hurt my throat shouting at the screen! I adore Johnny Dubya he's so purty!