Sunday, 7 October 2007

Victoria Beckham In Elle Japan Magazine

Here is a picture from Elle Japan of Victoria Beckham.

It is nice to see the pob is so versatile.

Source: Elle Japan


jordan marie said...

i love victorias hair in this picture
she is really pretty

bri said...

STUNNA!! she looks absolutely gorgeous. the blonde was really irritating me. loved it at first but no I'm missing the brunette. but here? wows. her hair looks ADORABLE. too cute.

Janie said...

I have to say that (with blond hair) this is the most beautiful picture I've seen of Victoria lately. Her look of late has seemed a bit hard. This however is soft feminine and just , well lovely!

Posh 2.0 said...

OMG, she looks so beautiful here! I love the makeup and her hair is very cute. I like it curly. She should wear it like this sometimes, it looks good on her.

Anonymous said...

I love her hair like this! She should keep it like this more often.

buddy said...

wow!! she's gorgeous this way.!!
janie's right.this IS a very beautiful picture of her.
very feminine
i don't like her much bur

ps fashion critic, some pics of david.PLEAAASE!!!
i'm dying in here without seeing him