Saturday, 13 October 2007

The Beckhams In US Marie Claire

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Source: Marie Claire

They are also in Glamour UK this month. I am in Paris until Monday so will post then.


buddy said...

poor david.i would guess that this article is true and that victoria does totally "eclipse" him.
no wonder he cheated on her.
in a relationship like that sometimes there comes a day when a man wants to ACTUALLY BE the man in the relationship, you know

Camerynn said...

They're also in US Glamour this month. Mariah Carey's on the cover and there's an article on them and their new perfumes. Very cute, with some pictures. I don't have a scanner though! :/

Anonymous said...

Buddy, i have to disagree in this aspect. David has said in the past that he's ok with her wearing the pants in their relationship. And if he doesn't like it he can confront her about it; she has always said that she'd do anything for David. There's no excuse for a man or even a woman cheating on their spouse. Irrespective of whether she's bossy or not, it's not a condonable act. You make it sound like all the men who cheat on their partners do it because they control them. I know you're entitled to your opinion, but it seems like you're making an excuse for him cheating.

buddy said...

hey allysia,

I wasn't excusing him for cheating on her(did it sound like that??)
of course no man should be excused for cheating!!!
HEY if he married her on his own accord he has to stick with her no matter what cos he has to live with his decisions(even though his parents were not happy with his marriage,especialy his father)

but i was just giving reasons why he WOULD cheat on her and this is one of the main reasons why men cheat on women.(though not the only)

and of course they would say that they luv each other to bits but u never can tell (although it might be true)