Friday, 26 October 2007

David Beckham Chanels The Trucker Chic Look

This man can wear anything and still look hot.

David Beckham was last night leaving a steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Despite David's season being over, he is still keeping himself fit for Galaxy's exhibition football match against the Wellington Phoenix on December 1. He also needs to keep himself fit as he wants to be considered for England's next Euro 2008 qualifying game against Croatia on 21 November.



emma said...

ehhh. the shirt looks horrible. He would look much better in the jeans, the hat, and the beater underneith and not the ugly shirt, in my opinion lol.

Camerynn said...

AHHH so HOT! I absolutely love when guys wear those type of shirts. Victoria is so incredibly lucky it's not even remotely funny anymore!

buddy said...

EW he looks like a DRUNK RAPIST ABUSIVE HORNY truck driver more like!!!!
What is WRONG with this couple these days???

Fashion Critic said... guys are crazy...I am drool over here.

buddy said...

how can u think he's hot.He looks DRUNK and .... and... i am BEYOND words.i NEVER wanna see him like that AGAIN ever.he looks like tommy lee and the rest of that CREEPY crew

Fashion Critic said...

still drooling LOL :)

he can do no wrong in my eyes...except that sarong

buddy said...

sorry for the strong language
FC!! you can delete the comments if u want seeing as how you added trash bin signs to all my comments.
"sniff" "sniff"

Fashion Critic said...

the trash bin signs means that you can delete your comments LOL

Your comments are always welcome Buddy

Janie said...

Mmmm I'm beginning to think buddy does this just to p*** us all off. I can't agree F.C. that I welcome his comments but hey doll it's your site so I can only comment. It just annoys me.