Saturday, 28 June 2008

Victoria & David Beckham Wish Nelson Mandela A Happy Birthday

Both Victoria and David Beckham recorded video message that were shown during the Nelson Mandela concert yesterday.

Victoria booed through-out her message by the crowd and David was cheered.

Unfortunately this video has some German guy speaking over them.

You can hear the whole messages from David, Victoria and other guests clearly on the BBC News.


muchlove said...

That booing is just plain stupid.
Makes me glad that Victoria isn't living in the UK. The way they treat her there..

ryan said...

Why did Victoria get booed? What did she do? I feel bad for her.

luvvb said...

OMG-thats a real shame-whats wrong with people? jeez! always feel as if those people that dislike victoria-for whatever reason - are missing out...their loss.

DVB-Fan said...

I think this was very very rude from their part...
Definitely, Victoria has as many fans as detractors...
I just hate it.
Good for David, though.
Take care,

Babydamshig said...

Some ppl are just too jealous! They can't stand her having it all.

Jerry said...

The general feeling at the show was that it was a tribute concert to a real world hero, and thus a very politicised crowd had no time for the insincere, shameless promoter that is Victoria Beckham. People here still love David for his free kick against Greece though. I don't see how jealousy figures into this at all..typical lame response to semi-personal attack

Fathiah said...

umm, jerry..
why did u even stopped by if u hate her?

IMO victoria is always misunderstood..:|