Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Victoria Beckham Gets By With A Little Help From Her Friends

While her former Spice Girl bandmates were collecting the Best Band Award at last night's Glamour Awards, Victoria Beckham was out enjoying her self with friends in New York.

Victoria, seen her with two friends, was spotted leaving upmarket restaurant STK in the trendy meatpacking district.

Her absence from last night's event - attended by Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown - did not go unnoticed, in fact the press are making a bit deal about it.

Victoria went last year when she collected Woman of the Year, she no longer sees herself as a Spice Girl, so what would been the point in going?

The whole Spice Girl thing was fun whilst it lasted, but it is over now, and VB has moved on.

So glad to see her out having fun and looking a bit tipsy.

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Nicolas said...

all 5 of the spice girls wont be seen together until they reunite again!!!

baconbuttiespice said...

poor v glad she have fun though

ryan said...

You think she's drunk? I can't see it haha. And yeah, Spice Girls are old news.

saga said...

she looks fantastic even if she is alittle tipsy haha :)