Friday, 13 June 2008

Posh Lady's Magazine Scans

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Big thanks to Posh Lady who sent me these pictures of Victoria Beckham scanned from a Japanese magazine.

Although I prefer Victoria as a brunette, she does look so cute here.

Thanks Posh Lady


Isla said...

the first one definately goes to my desktop :D

WYELIN said...

could you find out from posh lady what magazine is that? thnx

Fashion Critic said...


You have already added them to two other sites acting like you took the pictures and did not credit this site where you got them from nor Posh Lady who took the pictures, so NO will not find out for you, since you are so rude that you do not credit where you got your pictures from.

And I know this is not the first time.

faffy said...

aww...the first pic, on the right..
victoria looks really cute..
i really don't know why she hates her smile..):

ooh ooh, fashion critic..
remember me?
got the name from your blog..:P

faffy said...

ooh ooh and..
where did poshlady bought the mag?
if only i could read japanese..