Saturday, 7 June 2008

Euro 2008

Euro 2008 is about to start and I am going to watch it as I love football, but I will watch it with a heavy heart.

No England
No Zidane
No David Beckham, but more importantly,
No Victoria.

I will miss the camera crews paying more attention to her than the game , I will miss her on the stand cheering on David with her variety of England tops and caps. I will also miss the WAG wars as the other WAGS try and fail to out posh, Posh.

As Victoria would say "As If Love".

I have adopted Portugal as my team for this championship, as I think with Cristiano Ronaldo they have a the best player in the world.

My second team is France, as ex-Arsenal player - Thierry Henry and Arsenal captain William Gallas are in the team.

Enjoy the games, whoever you support.


Anonymous said...

I love her in the white ball cap. Oh by the way.....what is a WAG ?

Loredana,Samuele,Gabriele said...

Great Beckham, Great Zidane but C.Ronaldo=Prusunptuous and Arrogant. Sorry I fans Italy(Champion of the World).This site is very nice. Ciao from Italy

Rock*Star said...

This Euro will be BeckhamLess!

Why ! I thought Dvid will be playing in the English squad !


And yeah , we'll miss seeing the camera on Vctoria , I used to love that , seeing her with kids , and the way she expresses her emotions , hehe , tha used to be intresting..

But still , I love football , so i'll be watching :)

Its hard to choose a team for me , because i'm a Real Madrid fan .

So ,

I support all the Madridstas

Fashion Critic said...

A WAGs is a term used by the British tabloid press to describe the Wives And Girlfriends of the England national football team. It came into common use during the 2006 World Cup, held in Germany.

snowwhite said...

I'm gonna miss her too!!!:(((

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much 4 clearing that up. As u can tell I'm 'from the other side of the pond' lol