Friday, 13 June 2008

Victoria Beckham Names dVb Jeans After Naomi Campbell

Victoria Beckham has announced that the latest design in her dVb denim range will be called the Naomi and were inspired by the supermodel.

The trousers apparently are cut to make your legs look longer.

And Naomi Campbell is bigging up the jeans too.

She said:
"I love the fit, model and cut of the Naomi jeans Victoria Beckham has designed. I have already worn them many times and people always stop and ask me the make of my jeans. Victoria did a great job capturing a stylish Seventies rock jean look.”

The jeans are said to retail at £250 a pair.


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Allysia-May said...

Ahh, this might explain the pictures i saw of Naomi in dvb jeans as I know she wears the sunglasses.