Thursday, 19 June 2008

David Beckham's Sharpie Commercial

OK, so it is turning into a bit of a David Beckham day today, but here is David's Sharpie commercial.

Remember back in May I showed you the behind the scenes pictures of David acting with the cute Asian girl.

Here are some behind the scenes video of the making of the ad, with an interview with David at the end.


brit said...

he is so gorgeous, he is one of the most lovely sexiest men alive! uh yum. he was so sweet with that little girl, aww.

Anonymous said...

it seems the whole family was in san fran

Ranee said...

I just saw an advertisement for him to be on EXTRA tonight being interviewed about the Armani campaign. I'm not sure if you guys get it there, I'm set to tape already!

Anonymous said...

oh and those bracelets victoria had been wearing (like at harrods) are hermes i remember someone asking about it earlier

ryan said...

At the end of the video it tells you to go to the site to enter a contest to meet him? Is it over? Because I couldn't find it. If anyone does can you post the link here? please and thank you.

Ljn.- said...


he looks SO hot when he is signing
the woman's shirt.