Sunday, 1 June 2008

Victoria Beckham At Simon Fuller's Wedding

(Geri Halliwell (left), Emma Bunton (middle), Claudia Schiffer (right) and Victoria Beckham)

The 3 or the Spice Girls were at Simon Fuller get married at his lavish £2million ceremony.

Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell attended as Spice Girls svengali Simon Fuller, wed interior designer Natalie Swanston,, at a vineyard in the Napa Valley, California, at sunset on Friday.

No word Mel C, but Mel B was at the Spike TV 2nd Annual "Guys Choice" Awards, which was also in California.

Hopefully wedded couple sold their wedding to a magazine, so we can see more pictures.



lima said...

wow 2 floorlenth red dresses i wish i could see them closer

Fashion Critic said...

I totally agree, she is stunning in the dress.

peach said...

Can't wait to see close-ups. I love that the Spice Girls are the punch of color in the middle of all the guests. So spicy of them. ;)

Posh&Becks said...

I agree as well, she looks beautiful. Why didn't she wear something like this at the costume institute gala?

d22ghj said...

Mel B attended the Spike TV Awards the day BEFORE the Fuller wedding, not on the same night.

Fashion Critic said...

d22ghj, the Spike TV Awards was on Friday the SAME DAY as Simon Fuller's wedding.

Please click on the links. The dates are correct and I double checked before I wrote this post as I did expect someone to question it which I why I have the proof ready.

If she did attend the 2 events on Friday, there are so far only pictures of her at the Spike TV awards.