Saturday, 14 June 2008

Corey Haim's Kiss n' Tell

Corey Haim must be desperate for money or attention because he is now talking about the time he briefly dated Victoria Beckham.

Here is his interview in the Sun:

Before David, Victoria dated 80s Hollywood heartthrob Corey Haim.

And Corey’s been dishing the dirt on his former love – even describing her in ‘soul mate’ terms.

But it all fell apart when the couple were watching Take That on TV and Victoria declared she fancied them.

Corey, teen star of The Lost Boys, romanced Victoria in 1995 – a year before the Spice Girls hit the big time with Wannabe.

Corey explained how he first met the Spice Girls when they wandered into a London recording studio he was in.

He said: "These five like punk rock chicks walked in and there was Vic – boom, block on, sniper eyes".

"So I had to hang out with her, it was my job as a man to do that."

Corey, who was 23 at the time, then said his girlfriend took him to meet her parents at their swish country home.

"That’s when we really hit it off. She brought me to her folks’ house which was like sacred ground," he said excitedly.

Corey goes on to reveal how Victoria’s parents Tony and Jackie Adams allowed him to stay overnight – in a SEPARATE room to their then 21-year-old daughter – and warned her not to sneak in to see him.

"She just crept in at three o’ clock in the morning but five hours earlier we were hearing from her parents, ‘don’t you be sneaking around in rooms’."

It seems it was during that late night visit that Corey locked lips with the former Ms Adams.

"When she kisses she does this cool little thing, she does this little gnaw thing."

But it soon went sour – thanks to Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Gary Barlow.

In Victoria’s autobiography Learning To Fly, she described how Corey became jealous and blew up when they were watching the Take That lads on telly.

She said she plonked Corey in her car, drove him to the Hilton in London and kicked him out, along with his clothes.

But Corey said he was staying at a different hotel.

"It might have happened – my head wasn’t fully functioning. But I was at the Marriott in Kensington not the Hilton," he said.

"I wouldn’t expect the girl I’m whispering in her ear and we’re getting on like soul mates to go, ‘Oh, I’m in love with them.’"

"If it’s in the book I guess it’s real. I would believe it – she’s never lied to me, except before I met her she was cheating on a guy."

Luckily it wasn’t David Beckham!

When did men stop being gentlemen?

For those who do not believe this story to be true because it is from the Sun, you can see his on video talking about Victoria Beckham here.



Anonymous said...

oh please, what a loser!

hes so raunchy

faffy said...

talking like that about vicky as if he was married to her..
david should kick his sorry butt..

Babydamshig said...

He's still talking about something that happened over a decade ago? Loser!

batool said...

ur right angeline.just to get some loser

faffy said...

hey fashion critic,
don't know if u've seen it but..¤t=o0.jpg

and that loser actually said vicky is a bad kisser..

sorry for the double post though..
gotta let u see that pic..:D