Monday, 9 June 2008

Leona Lewis and David Beckham To Close Beijing Olympics

Leona Lewis and David Beckham are to star in a spectacular closing ceremony at the Beijing Olympics.

They will play a key role in the the official handover to Britain for the London 2012 Games.

X Factor winner Leona, will sing to an estimated global audience of over 150million. And David Beckham will fly in from Los Angeles to play a leading part in the performance - designed to get the world excited about the 2012 event.

A London 2012 source said: "Leona and Beckham have accepted the invitation to sprinkle some stardust on the show. They epitomise what London 2012 is about. Leona is a young global star from London who has risen from nothing. Becks has glamour and a profile around the world. He was also a key figure in the bid to win the Games for London."

The pair will be joined by some of the best young athletes and performers from the UK, along with new London Mayor Boris Johnson and Premier Gordon Brown at the glittering three-hour ceremony on August 24.

David Beckham was instrumental to us winning the 2012 Olympic bid, so it is no surprise he is part of this ceremony.



Rock*Star said...

COOL , when's the Olympics starts ??

I love openings :) I cant wait to see David there ..

I love Leona , her voice is so sweet & magical .. so is she ..

d22ghj said...

We'll have to see, it's a Sunday and David's day off from training is usually a Monday. They might have an MLS Cup match too.