Sunday, 22 June 2008

dVb Naomi Jeans

Last week Naomi Campbell announced that Victoria Beckham had made a pair of jeans especially for her long legs and named them the Naomi jeans.

Naomi said:

"I love the fit, model and cut of the Naomi jeans Victoria Beckham has designed. I have already worn them many times and people always stop and ask me the make of my jeans. Victoria did a great job capturing a stylish Seventies rock jean look.”

The jeans are said to retail at £250 a pair and you can see Naomi modeling the jeans above.

Do you think Victoria will get Naomi to model her new collection?



Andy85 said...

WOW its finally great to hear some positive feedback about DVB. Things look like they are starting to hit a more positive note. Its great to see her jeans being endorsed by someone who has pull in the fashion idustry and someone who has pull with the consumers. Wouldnt it be something to see Naomi model Victoria's collection

Rock*Star said...

I hope so ,

Naomi is a professional super model , she modeled for the most popular brands in fashion history..

that would make ppl take Victoria's fashion line more seriously..

VBfan said...

I'm unsure about naomi modeling she has had a bit of bad publicity and i wouldn't want that to rub off on DVB.

DVB said...

Kate Moss had a cocaine scandal and her career has never been better, but I understand your point.

Anonymous said...

These Naomi jeans are now available to pre-order at I think I will order a pair. Hopefully they will as good on me as they did Victoria!

Annet said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE dVb. I always loved the flare jeans, but those dVb jeans with big flares are the most lovely! I wish I could afford them, though