Tuesday, 17 June 2008

David Beckham's New Armani Campaign To Debut Tomorrow

I am sure you ladies will agree that we haven't yet gotten tired of David Beckham's underwear ads for Emporio Armani, and I am excited to inform you that a new batch is on the way.

Tomorrow the brand will unveil a new image of David in his underwear, as he appears for his second underwear campaign at Macy's in San Francisco.

The picture will be displayed on a giant mural overlooking an amphitheater adjacent to Macy's that seats 6,000 people. So everyone can comfortably sit down and admire him in all his perfect glory.

This second Beckham campaign was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott on a Malibu beach.

It is bound to be hot.

The unveiling takes place at 5 pm tomorrow, and the campaign images will go up online at emporioarmani.com on June 23.

Bring it on.

Is anyone going to his signing tomorrow?


admin said...

I´ll be there


lukeyslimane said...

I LOVE that the signing is in San Francisco. It is soooo obvious which market they are aiming for! But I suppose DBs always known how to work what he's got for the pink pound!

Loredana,Samuele,Gabriele said...

I adore David, and Armani is the italian style in the world. Ciao from Italy

Fashion Critic said...

Admin, let us know how you got on.

lukeyslimane, you make such a good point. I did think it was strange to be in San Francisco.

DVB said...

Oh...I have changed my name to DVB as it is more fitting to the blog, but I am still Fashion Critic

Anonymous said...

unfortunately its too far away, but i did get his autograph when he was in dallas in may. he was so gracious and signed autographs for everyone that he could--he was signing for close to an hour. i cant wait to see him when he comes back down here july 27th. just 40 more days lol

ps-he is ten times more gorgeous in person for anyone who hasnt been blessed to see him up close

Nikki said...

Just a little note on perezhilton.com It says that Victoria and the kids are in San Francisco as well. I wish I was closer!

Victor said...

I went to the SF signing, and no, the event was not held in an "amphitheater that seats 6,000 people." I was so confused by that because that venue doesn't exist. It was held on Union Square, which is basically a concrete public space on top a garage. Everyone was standing and there were probably about 300 people. He signed autographs for the people who spent over $200 at Macy's and spent about 3 seconds with the regular crowd before being whisked away in a black SUV back to LA. I guess he knew he was too close to the Tenderloin (aka SF's gross, homeless-infested skid row). I love David but this showing was very disappointing.

Courtney said...

i got to meet david at the SF signing. some call me crazy for spending $200 on men's underwear but honestly it was worth every penny! i still can't believe it happened. he was so friendly and happy to sign autographs and take pictures. it was simply amazing.