Thursday, 12 June 2008

Victoria Beckham Wears Flips Flops...What The....?

After David Beckham spent Tuesday evening watching the NBA finals with Brooklyn, the Beckham family yesterday took a trip to Disneyland.

After a long day on the rides and enjoying the happiest place on earth, Cruz looked exhausted.

Victoria was wearing not only baggy jeans, but flip flops.

I must say she really pulls off this look, and I do miss her dressing like this, as she used to wear baggy jeans a lot during her Spice Girls days after meeting David.

This looks is totally appropriate to go to a theme park, heels and a couture outfit would have been a little OTT.

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t.o.CityGirl said...

i WISH i could pull that look off the way she does!! its just not fair!! :(
how can she wear ANYTHING at all and look so amazing!!?

Babydamshig said...

Although I love the look on her and it's great that she's wearing more flats, somehow it makes me sad. She's been smiling more and wearing flats alot lately so she must have read all the nasty comments people wrote on the net about her not smiling or her heels. I hope she doesn't change too much.


roseybluez said...


Shock amazement joy are the 3 adjectives to describe this! soooo glad she's wearing flip flops so haters cant cuss her about wearing heels! Yat victoria well done girly :D

Allysia-May said...

When i saw these pictures, the first thing i thought was the world is about to end. Seriously, baggy jeans? flip flops? on Victoria? very shocking i say.

But you're right, she totally pulls it off. Those jeans and belt look like they're David's. How sweet :)

Michelle said...

She is the most wonderful woman in the earth..

My God!

Simple LOVED!

Fashion Critic said...

I agree it is not fair LOL.

I don't think that this is down to pressure though.

With 3 kids in a theme park, she would have been crazy to wear heels.

The other picture of her in flats was a candid she was not expecting as she exited a plane and it was a private plane so she was not expecting to be photographed.

I like this look as it means she is more comfortable with herself to be seen without heels which have very much become a staple.

With regard to the smiling, yes I think this is down to pressure from the media, but mostly because of the pictures from the Costume Institute Gala. She looked very miserable then.

roseybluez said...


I was just thinkin i hope many peeps who love to hate her and are going on about how "normal they think she looks for once" dont recall when she wore heels on her last infamous trip to disney lol...........i think she learnt her lesson that day hence the flip flops......Theme park and heels dont mix.

DVB-Fan said...

Hi there!
Maybe it was coz her bunions were aching? :P
I don't know...
I miss her heels! I'm curious about what outfit she would wear if she would had gone in heels?

t.o.CityGirl said...

I feel as though the changes are maybe because she is finally feeling more comfortable in her surroundings... I don't live in Britian, but my understanding is that they were under so much pressure there and very scrutinized... Of course the American media does this as well, but in interviews lately especially she has said that she and her family have never been happier... Maybe its allowing her to let loose and relax a bit more... just my thoughts!
Either way- she is always looking amazing!!!

Max said...

She is so incredibly adorable. Both her and David can look amazing in anything. Love them both :)

melissa-iris said...

She should wear stuff like this more often! This is when she looks her best.

batool said...

lol it looks like one of davids jeans!!i dont think she might be ahving any baggy jeans guess she borrowed them from david!!!lol.cause u can see that those jeans are long and are coming under her feet,dont u????

stardust-heaven said...

she's gorgeous. never realized how short she was compared to david though, haha.

faffy said...

i don't know why but victoria kinda looks preggers in the 1st small pic..

maybe it's just me though..

and i think she's wearing david's jeans..

how sweet..(:

peach said...

I absolutely love these pictures. She looks gorgeous when dressed down. Casually elegant, like she's not trying too hard. I adore it.

xisnthollywoodx said...

as much as they do look like davids jeans (obviously they are mens jeans) i doubt they are his specifically because even with a belt they most definitely are not the same size lol. after all she does have unlimited access to mens jeans now that shes designing them

snowwhite said...

she looks great...very naturaly...I just wanna know where I could find that jeans and belt...

ayuni said...

appropriate outfit for disneyland.. yeah they look like a normal family. love them!

Kiki Kiari said...

WOW! She still looks so great in those simple clothing and flipflops; man! She looks great in everything. Seriously, it's fine to see Victoria being so comfortable around those kind of outfits and footwear nowadays; I think she might love the feeling in those; though, I don't wanna see her wear that for party and official stuff. LOL