Thursday, 2 April 2009

Who Wore It Better? Rihanna or Victoria Beckham

Rihanna was the first wear this Balmain leather jacket when she dine with friends at Nobu in LA last week.

She wore jacket with a black top, ripped Siwy jeans, and Balmain studded sandals.

Victoria's look included a leather ruffle neck blouse, black jeans and simple pumps.

Victoria's look is less forced, so she wins this for me.


Matt said...

Although I adore Rihanna's wardrobe, her style seems so forced and overhyped. Take this jacket for instance, Victoria looks more calm and effortless while she looks so intense. she'll get there but for now, I'm all about Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna has always given me the vibe that she tries too hard everytime. At times, she just looks complicated and overly done up like a Christmas tree. Sometimes, simplicity is the best...

Anonymous said...

I think VB looks beter in it as well.. It's a bold jacket.. When you pair it with ripped jeans and those crazy heels, it's overkill. I think Rhi was trying to go for the runway look.

But Rhi wore it 1st so I give her the most credit!