Thursday, 16 April 2009

Katie Holmes Wishes Victoria Beckham An Early Happy Birthday

Katie Holmes was hounded by paparazzi as she arrives to celebrate Victoria Beckham’s 35th birthday at Cicconi’s restaurant in Hollywood on Wednesday.

We all know that VB's birthday is tomorrow, so does this mean she will be flying to Milan to spend her B'day with her husband?

I hope so :)

UPDATE: Katie's night out was cut short when some tragic news was delivered — her brother-in-law had died.

Joseph Jeffrey Fretti, the husband of Katie’s older sister, Tamera, died of heart failure.

The 48-year-old funeral director was reportedly found dead in Sarasota, FL by a friend.

Condolences to Katie and her family.

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sunshine said...

here is a vid of Victoria and Eva at cecconi's.