Saturday, 25 April 2009

Who Wore It Better? Michelle Obama or Victoria Beckham

Has Victoria Beckham been picking up some style tips Michelle Obama?

The First Lady wore this cropped Alaia cardigan and dress three weeks ago, when she visited Europe.

Victoria also wore an Alaia dress and the exact same cardigan last weekend.

As much as I love you Victoria, I adored Michelle's look, so she wins this for me.

Source Grazia


Janie said...

Whilst I obviously love Victoria's outfit , I really like this dress/skirt Michelle is wearing and would wear this myself as I love the whole 50's full skirted vibe this look has.

Chikako said...

This is a tough one. Both of them look very good. Very different style, though. Personally I love Victoria's style better. I think the cropped Alaia cardigan is the winner!!!