Sunday, 12 April 2009

David Beckham Is Benched Again

David Beckham was benched for the second game in a row, as AC Milan beat Chievo 1-0.

Ancelotti, who was sent to the stands before half-time for arguing with the referee, claimed last night that Beckham was suffering from a shoulder injury.

"There is nothing special he has to do to get back into the team because he has always trained hard and he has no great problem," said Ancelotti.

"He has been hindered by an injury to his right shoulder which has set him back a little for the last two games."

Ancelotti sent out veteran Clarence Seedorf instead of Beckham and the Dutchman scored the only goal.

There appeared to be nothing wrong with Beckham as he warmed up during the second half, plus David never mentioned the injury in his blog this week.

Like many of you have said, this seems like a classic case of David being used by a club to elevate their status. Now there is no chance of AC Milan winning Serie A, the manager seems to have forgotten all about David.


Ida said...

The club never expected to win serie a, their main objective is to gain a Champions League position for next season, and that is by no means over yet, so they need David.

Anonymous said...

I'm very concerned about this. I will fly to Milan in two weeks to see him play, but as it seems he will not play.

It is so unfair to David. It is always political.


DVB said...

Suki, I hope he is playing by then.

Fingers crossed

Sara said...

I don't know what's going on but I don't believe the injury story. We all know they only signed him for commercial purposes and were forced to play him because he was very good in practice and the team was quite bad. I just don't understand the benching now, the team is still bad even if they've managed to win the games.

Who knows what they're doing but I think David is the unlucky victim because they know he has no legs to stand on and complain, he's just on loan. I suppose if this is the end of the Milan love affair we should be greatfull that they even played him(the coach has admitted he had no intention to) otherwise this would have been a depressing loan spell.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! At least I will see him warm up, try to make the best out of it.


Melissa said...

i don't really think that shoulder thing is true because if you look at all the photos of him playing with the boys he woulndnt be able to do that with an injured shoulder.... im hoping he plays again soon

Anonymous said...

By joining AC Milan, David's main objective was to convince Capello that he was worthy of a place in the England squad and that he could still compete at the highest level. HE HAS PROVED ALL THAT.... which began with his hard work in training in Dubai and competing in twelve Serie A games, so far.

With the extension of his loan, he of course, wants to play as much as possible to remain in contention for England and to contribute substantially to a Champions League spot for the club.

If he is carrying a knock it would be wise not to risk him at this stage until he is fully fit and rested.

There are still seven Serie A games + one friendly) remaining before the next qualifiers and the end of the season, so I think the coach is taking all that into consideration and he will play in due time.


Kat said...

The shoulder story is absoluterubbish they played him to ensure he would want the loan extended, and now after he has financed the deal he can make them all their
money off the bench. At least if be had gone back to the mls he would be playing, it does him no good as far as England is concerned to sit at a bench at the highest level, I really feel for him

There are also some rumors that he is getting a bit burnt out and hopefully this is true and they just don't want to admit he needs a break. However, I find this very unlikely as this is the most fit we've ever seen him

Perfectio said...

David is watching Real Madrid against Valladolid IN the Bernabeu... I hope you get some pictures.

nisha said...

i agree with the others i don't reallly blieve the injury story.i hate it when good people like david just get used.david has worked so hard sacraficed so much.i hope david gets to play otherwise it will be a total waste well astleast by playing those other games he got to get 110 caps for england but it will still be bad if he doesn't he even had to put up with so much hatred from american fans for this.good luck to david i hope he gets to play.thanks for posting

DVB said...

Perfectio, thanks for the information.

I will look up the pictures when I get home.

maldini said...

i'm sure that he has a injury.. i think he needs some rest because when he came in milan he was played in every game

here are some pics,
when he was watching Real Madrid game

Chikako said...

I hope David gets back to the pitch soon. There are so many good players in the AC Milan. I get that, but I would be so mad if they kept David benched. The Galaxy would love to have David back right now! The whole situation would make the Galaxy vs Milan in July more interesting, though.