Saturday, 25 April 2009

David Beckham Inside 10 Downing Street

Here are some pictures of David Beckham, Andy Murray, and Denise Lewis, inside 10 Downing Street during the launch of the malaria no more initiative.

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Anonymous said...

I am really sad to see that this blog has become a "david beckham blog"!
you just speak about him now!

DVB said...

I think you comment is very RUDE.

This is a blog about both of them.

Victoria has not been seen since last weekend, but David has more active doing the Malaria campaign, going to Downing Street, going out to Dinner in London and going to play in Hungary.

It is not MY fault that Victoria isn't doing anything. I can't force her out of her house.

And I won't make up stories about her because I am not a tabloid newspaper.

I think you are being very ungrateful, considering all the hard work I put into this site in my free time. I don't get paid to do this.

You comment has really annoyed me.

Sara said...

Uh it's the David and Victoria blog, What's she supposed to do when Victoria is MIA and David isn't?

DVB said...

Thanks Sara. I'm glad you get it. I hope others do too.

deb said...

dvb, i love your info on david please do not stop just because of one comment! it wont be long before we have david and victoria together again! david started for milan today and they are winning. x x

Lunie said...

Take no notice. 99.9% of us are very grateful for your work. I admit im nore interested in David than Victoria but it doesnt bother me when David doesnt have much news and Victoria does. Or vice-versa. Its a blog for both.

a said...

i ♥ your blog DVB. totally understand why u seldom post about victoria lately.

hope she makes an appearance soon though =)

DVB said...

Thanks Lunie, deb and a.

I'm not going to stop, so don't worry :)

Rebecca said...

DVB thank you for the update on the game. I didn't get a chance to see it.

I love your blog and am disappointed by complainers. Just adding my two cents.