Wednesday, 22 April 2009

In David's Closet - Gold Bunny Leather Jacket

It's not often I can bring you what's in David's closet, but thanks to dangio1985 I can.

When David dined at Cipriani’s this week, along with his PRPS jeans and Lanvin sneakers, David was wearing a Gold Bunny leather jacket.

The leather jacket is exclusive to Kitson's, and is currently sold in 4 colours including black, green, yellow and white.

The jacket costs $875.

Thanks so much dangio1985.



Logan said...

I don't really like this jacket at all..esp for $825 dollars. I do like the brown version that David is wearing but the one on the model looks like a cheap windbreaker.

A'fad Zimbabwe Banyak Buih said...

thanks for following david style.. im so glad u did it!!