Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Beckham's Land Late At LAX

Cruz Beckham did a Michelle Obama on the flight from London to LA i.e. a quick change.

He boarded with a white top, and landed with a green top lol.

The family landed late last night at LAX, after the kids got to spend some QT with their dad whilst they were on Easter break.

I have added more pictures of the kids and David below, so please take a look.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, so cute. Thanks for posting.

maldini said...

Aww :) Cruz is so Cutee

Thanks for them :)

April F said...

I love how Victoria can carry Cruz and still wear 5in heels...that is fabulous mother!

deb said...

Such a lovely family! not good news for david on bench again today ! seems that no one is asking why in press. almost as if he doesnt play for milan if you visit milans website . i would love to know what has happened since international break, its not even as if milan are playing really well.
Does anyone have views on this? maybe i am blowing this out of proportion but does worry me that if david does not get more playing time then he wont make the next england squad in june which would be so sad after all his sacrifice leaving his family for such long periods of time. keep your chin up david lots of positive thoughts for next week! thankyou dvb for this fantastic site , loved the pictures of david and his boys. x x

DVB said...

I'm very disappointed that he is also on the bench.

And it hadn't crossed my mind why no one in the press had questioned it, so thanks for bringing up that point.

I think that David is used a lot by managers as a scapegoat when things are going wrong.

He does need to play soon otherwise like you said the sacrifices would have be for nothing and that would be the saddest thing of all.

I hope he comes on at some point and proves them wrong to have placed him on the bench with a fantastic goal.

Thanks for your comment deb. said...

To change that sad bench subject, it's look like more celebrities is wearing VB clothes. This time it's Heidi Montag in dvb jeans:

maldini said...

i think David is resting after International Games

kat said...

it makes me wonder if milan really are just using him for the commerical side, and the playing time was perhaps a way of disguising that at the start

DVB said...

Kat, that is my fear too.