Saturday, 25 April 2009

Hungarian All-Stars Lose 5-2 To AC Milan

David Beckham started against the Hungarian All-Stars in Budapest on Wednesday in a friendly match.

The Italian side trounced the Hungarian All-Stars team in friendly match held Wednesday. Kaka celebrated his 27th birthday with a goal.

AC Milan showed off their soccer skills by thrashed the Hungarian All-Stars 5-2.

Kaka, who was celebrating his 27th birthday, took the lead in the 38th minute, and assisted Ukranian Adriy Shevchenko to make it 2-1 in the 65th, nine minutes after Paks Attila Tokoli managed to equalize.

Then, Shevchenko scored again and Clarence Seedorf made it 4-1. Uruguayan Tabare Viudez decorated a bit more the scoreline and scored the fifth goal form Milan, who fielded all their figures.

With ten minutes remaining, Ronaldihno hit the crossbar off a penalty kick.

David appeared to have a few heated exchanges in the match.

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Mark said...

Did anyone ever find out what his new tattoo is?

Chikako said...

I love when he gets heated during the match. Very hot. ; )