Thursday, 16 April 2009

Victoria Beckham's 35th Birthday Dinner

Here is the first picture of Victoria Beckham arriving at Cecconi's for her 35th birthday dinner with Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes and Kate Beckinsale.

Looking at the video. It appears that Victoria rushes into the restaurant, so we may not get any great pictures.

I hope we do, because I'm dying to see what she is wearing.

Victoria's whole family was there, and Jennifer Lopez also joined with the celebrations.

Thanks Sunshine.


poshfan said...

from what i can see, she's wearing a long blazer with a matching silver dress underneath :S
i want pics!!

Davor said...

Eva Longoria gained some weight (or she is maybe pregnant?), but she still looks sooooo good...

Vlada said...

It looks like Stella McCartney per Jenelle at dd

DVB said...

yes Vlada, it does look like Stella Mccartney thanks.

I am still searching for a full length picture