Friday, 17 October 2008

When Estefania Met Victoria Beckham

The beautiful Estefania was very kind to share her encounter with Victoria Beckham at Ekseption boutique yesterday.

"Victoria arrived half an hour of delay because of the terrible traffic. There were dozens of fans at Ekseption´s door with all the press, because they couldn't go inside the shop".

"Victoria was spectacular, she wore Marc Jacobs shoes, dVb jeans (of course), white shirt and a little black vest. She wore a headband on the hair and she was so beautiful, so sweet..."

"Victoria was absolutely lovely with everyone, she posed in a thousand pictures with her fans in the shop, she signed a lot of autographs, and she smiled all the time ... fantastic!!!. I'm so happy, she posed with me, she signed on my book (that extra half an inch, of course) and she signed in a new jean I bought while I was wearing it!"

Estefania thanks for your stunning pictures, I am so happy you decided to share them with us all.

You are very lucky and it sounds like you had a great experience, I am very very jealous, but extremely happy for you at the same time, and I am sure the other VB fans are too. :)


pierre said...

congrats on the meet and greet!

yvonne said...

Congrats Estefania! And thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pix. So happy for Estefania.



thanks everybody!
She is absolutely AMAZING

Jessica said... are so lucky.

Chels said...

in that pic (top, left) is that Rebecca Loos, cause it looks like her????

Sara said...

Estefania thank you for sharing your expirience, you and Vic both look beautiufl.

I would love to meet her.

Oh and can i ask you a question since you are from Spain?

Please tell me if Vic is on the cover of Spanish Bazaar?
I'm dying to find out.

Nicolas said...

be VERY lucky that u didnt see her in nyc.

its soooo sad cause the die hard fans see this and think of the awful event in nyc.

its not fair.

Melissa said...

So jealous! Lucky you!

Sabrina Marie said...

Such a lukcy girl! :)