Monday, 13 October 2008

Victoria Beckham Visits The Hair Salon

Here are some very unflattering photos of Victoria Beckham leaving Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills over the weekend.

It's hard to tell what she has had done, but I would get with her kind of cut, it would need to be trimmed every month or show to keep the cut sharp.

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yvonne said...

She is flying to London, why didn't she get her hair made by Ben? Aren't they still friends?

DVB said...

I have heard that they are no longer friends. But who knows if this ios true.

What is true that he does not appear to be part of her entourage and he is no longer styling her hair.

yvonne said...

Thanks for your answer dvb. I'm sorry to hear that because I liked him, he's such a cutie and very funny.

Janie said...

Yes I believe this is so , unfortunatly. Ben must have really pissed her off to warrent this explusion as V seems to highly value her entourage. What do we all think?
Maybe this is why she has her hair in an easy care style now?