Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ridiculous Rumour Of The Day

It has been reported on The Daily Stab - Not a reliable source I know - that Victoria Beckham is now following Katie Holmes' footsteps and is reportedly planning on running in the 2008 New York City Marathon this Sunday.

Apparently Victoria has been training for this weekend’s big race and hopes to complete the run that Katie finished last year with a final time of 5:29:58.

"It was meant to be a big secret. She’s been training for months with the main goal of running in the New York Marathon. But, if she doesn’t feel ready, she’s planning to do the one in Los Angeles in February next year…"

No disrespect to my girl Victoria, but I do not believe this for one second. Girlfriend does not even like going to the gym and hates wearing sneakers, how would this ever work?

Well at least the article made me laugh.



yvonne said...

I can't believe this story but we'll see....

Lala said...

Its ridiclous but seriously it better not be true, because i hate all the Katie Holmes connections, and it would look a bit silly.

But honestly she has been running every day since the Olympics started, and not just a fluff attempt, appearantly she is dedicated and does run every single day.

Someone i know that works for Beckhams said, she even ran while she was in Madrid, in the hotel gym. *shock*

So if this is somehow connected to this rumor it might turn out to be true, i hope not!

Krisha said...

by the looks of victoria she definitely is doing some sort of exercise!

Back in 1998-2000 she used to wear sneakers all the time, i even had many photos on my comp with her running around in baseball caps, slogan tees, fake louis vuitton bags and SNEAKERS...then all of a sudden she changed her image more.

Maybe she can wear those Dries Van Norten sneakers with the mega high wedge heel no...very dangerous but still fashionable lol