Sunday, 26 October 2008

Victoria Beckham For Harper's Bazaar Dubai

Thanks to Kat for the picture and Lala for the detective work, we have discovered that Victoria Beckham appears on yet another cover.

This time it is for Harper's Bazaar Dubai. This is a very exciting time for Victoria, as she is now fully embraced by the fashion industry. There was a time when fashion editors were put off by her because of the tabloid status (Heat, Hello & OK! magazines), but she has shaken that off and become a fashion magazine favourite.

I will be on the look out for more pictures for this and the Vogue India magazine, which I have ordered from Borders.

Don't forget we still have Vogue Russia to look forward to.

Regular readers will remember that Victoria wore this Marc Jacobs Resort 2009 dress wtih a massive bow, for the party held in her honour for her Allure Cover Party.

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Lala said...

It truly is fantastic that she is accepted more and more, and hopeuflly it will just get better from now on.

And this dress, and the whole look is one of my favourites she has worn this year, its a shame we didnt get more pictures from the Allure party.

There are two new pictures in this magazine, very beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Hey, just thought i should let you know that in my local Myer store in Australia (our answer to debenhams), Signature for her is the no.3 best selling female perfume after Lancome's Magnifique and Ralph Lauren's Notorious

pierre said...

different pose, i like it.

kat said...

the daily mail has a piece on david recently getting out of a speeding ticket

DVB said...

thanks kat