Thursday, 30 October 2008

David Beckham Is To Join AC Milan In January

Here is the official word from

David's loan move to AC Milan is now official and the LA Galaxy captain will join the Italian club in January.

Earlier, AC Milan and LA Galaxy released a joint statement, with the following:

An agreement has been reached between the Los Angeles Galaxy and AC Milan for the loan of David Beckham effective in January, 2009.

David Beckham remains under contract to the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer and will return to the club for training and the start of the 2009 MLS season.

AC Milan and the Los Angeles Galaxy have additionally agreed to a technical partnership that will provide great benefit to the L.A. Galaxy.

Call me cynical, but I from that last line, to me it means that the Galaxy will profit in some way from the move, e.g. they will get a slice of the shirt sales.

Fox News are reporting a start date of 7 January.

Can't wait. I may even take a trip to Milano.



Rebecca said...

It is so great that you are so fantastically current with the news. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I definitively will book a flight to Milan *is dead*


DVB said...

you are welcome Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Hola David, soy Male de España.
No se mucho ingles, estoy encantada de poder leer todas tus cosas desde aquí, me encantaría tener una foto tuya firmada. Thanks

Hello David,I´m Male from Spain. I´m not a lot of english, Í´m loved to can to read all your things from here, would love me have a yours photo signed. Thanks