Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Milan, Beckham, Galaxy Saga Continues

LA Galaxy chief Bruce Arena does not want David Beckham to join AC Milan on loan in January.

The Serie A club revealed yesterday they are in talks with the midfielder, who has been told by England coach Fabio Capello he must be playing regularly if he is to win his 108th cap against Spain in February.

If Beckham does appear in that friendly, David will join Bobby Moore as England's most capped outfield player.

Given that Galaxy's season ends on Sunday and the new MLS campaign is not until April, a move to the San Siro would see Beckham meet Capello's demands.

But Arena fears the effects of playing in Italy could leave Beckham drained when he returns to Los Angeles.

"On the surface, it sounds like an odd proposition," said the club's general manager and head coach.

"I don't see where that benefits MLS or the Galaxy."

"The first I heard about it was yesterday but I would think given the position the Galaxy are in and the fact we're rebuilding our team, it would seem odd if we were loaning out our top players at the start of the season."

If the move takes place it would happen after Galaxy's tour of New Zealand and Australia in December and Beckham would remain in Italy until the American side start pre-season training in March.

Beckham is two seasons into a five-year deal and MLS commissioner Don Garber stressed any switch would only be on a short-term basis.

Garber said: "David remains an LA Galaxy player and will be here for the start of the 2009 MLS season."

I just don't know what to make of this anymore, so I will just wait to see what happens, but if they stand in Beckham's way, this could spell the end of this MLS career, imo.


sunshine said...

I just watched the news, and AC Milan's President, Galliani had just talked to David's agents.
Well, I think David loves to play for his country. Maybe Galaxy doenst want Beckham to play because they might lose him, but darn it, he had a 5-yr contract with them. David's not gonna run. lol
I really love David to go and play for Europe, well, i hope he plays for barclays-not in AC Milan. lol

BB said...

FC, I just found this interview with Arenas that said he's fine with the move.. go figure!

DVB said...

BB. You are right. It is all so confusing, I can't tell what is true and what are lies.

Lala said...

Seriously this is so out of hand now, wow.

And lol at Arena first he throws a fit and now he is like:"It would be great"?Wtf?

David will be there for two months, thats it, and he will play few matches with them, then he goes back to LAG.

The media has blown up this out of porportions, and in the end they will blame and hate on him, and probably say its all because he wants more caps!

Melissa said...

i think he says its alright to train overseas but i guess he doesnt agree with him going on loan and playing

Meg said...

Maybe you should stop the speculating until there's an actual official statement when the deal's done.

DVB said...

MEG. If I did not write anything you people would complain that I am not keeping the site updated.

I just can't win, and I am tired of trying to please everyone, so I am just going to write what I like, when I like.

Caro said...

It's obvious that it's just going to be a loan move during the off-season. The only thing LA may be concerned about is that Milan may try to convince him to stay on or he may be tired from playing with Milan before the new MLS season has even started. I think it's a storm in a teacup.

Lala said...

^^Exactly dvb, i love your blog and its my only VB source because i dont want to read BS from places like denden.etc with idiots crawling and i am grateful for your blog and how fast it is updated daily.

So thank you and keep up the good work. :)

poshified said...

DVB, don't bother about it, not everybody values what you do ;)
I personally love the way you keep us updated, ;) ...So keep up the good work! :D
By the way, yesterdar...I SAW SIGNATURE FOR HIM & HER! I could only try "her" because mens tester wasn't there...:S
Mens is much more expensive then womens! :O
I'll buy the David's one soon, and gift the Victoria's to one special person ;)
How much does Signature cost in London? Any idea?
x H x

DVB said...

thanks guys :)

DVB said...

Both Perfumes are £21 in the UK

claire mcloughlin said...

DVD in relation to a comment made here about speculation, i for one love to hear all beckham related stories... whether it might turn out to be only mere speculation or not! keep up the good work! certaibnly does please the majority!!

DVB said...

Thanks Claire. I do to, and I like that we talk about those stories also and give our opinions on their authenticity.