Sunday, 19 October 2008

In Victoria's Closet - Christian Louboutin For Rodarte

The term "Killer Heels" has never been more appropriate.

The £1,500 gold-coloured Christian Louboutin for Rodarte Fall 2008 shoes Victoria Beckham wore on Friday were 5 inch heels, with an ankle straps, sparkly gems and a vicious-looking row of punk-style spikes.

I would have felt sorry for anyone who accidentally stepped on her toes that night.



Atelier said...

wow,,,dreams do come true!!!!
when you posted last wednesday that janeth jackson wore this amazing pair of shoes,, I was so excited about seeing them in a celebrity, but I thought that she didn`t have the attitude to wear them,,i said someone like victoria beckham will make justice to a shoe like this,,,and look!!! she is wearing them in the most amazing way and they look absolutely fierce....just like her!!!

DVB said...

OMG yes you did say that you wished Victoria would wear them.

I am glad she made your wish come true. :)