Friday, 31 October 2008

Victoria Beckham's Interview With WWD About The Armani Ads

The Beckham ads — shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in Los Angeles on Wednesday — will be unveiled for the spring season, and are part of Armani’s global underwear push for Emporio Armani.

Victoria said the timing quite literally couldn’t be better for an underwear campaign. "I started running regularly about a year ago and when this campaign came about, I began working harder every day," she told WWD from the shoot. "And this morning I got on the treadmill and said, ‘OK then — this is my last chance!"

"It’s a huge compliment being asked to be in the campaign and to be part of the worldwide campaign for Emporio Armani underwear," she added. "It’s really exciting to me. Mr. Armani is a lovely person and his team is fantastic, so it’s a really exciting project for me to be involved with. And hopefully they will see a huge response."

"Marc Jacobs is a genius and a good friend of mine, and now, to do Armani, is an honor," she said. "I first met Mr. Armani at a store launch in Paris when I was there with Katie Holmes a few years ago. He is incredibly charming. I have so much respect for Mr. Armani and the whole company. To be given this opportunity to work with them is thrilling."

"David’s pictures were fantastic," Beckham said. "He looked gorgeous in them. I was very, very proud and happy for him. He looked amazing."

Before the announcement of David moving to Milan Victoria said.

"Nothing has been finalized as yet, but if we do go, it will literally be for two months, because the season finishes here in L.A. and David will go to train with AC Milan. We are so supportive, myself and the children. It’s a great opportunity for him and we are very excited about spending time in Milan."

Victoria Beckham knows the Italian fashion capital, and has several friends there.

"It would be a wonderful experience for the family," she said. "Obviously, I will be very busy at that time as well, because I will be preparing to show my next collection in February in New York. I have so many friends there, and my experience of Italy is great. I love it there, and it’s great for David."

"We love America, and there have been lots of reports saying that we are moving from America," she added. "We are not. This is where we live. It is for eight weeks, and we’re excited about that. I will be spending a lot of time there and so will the children. The children are big boys now, and they go to school, and will continue their education here in L.A., and we will travel about so we will all be together as a family, but it’s not a permanent move."

And while she is there, she is sure to breathe in some of the fashion spirit that permeates the city.

"The best thing you can give a designer is the ability to travel and experience different cultures, countries, and so for me, it’s huge."

I am very happy to hear that she is going. I was shocked when it was reported that she was not going to go with him.



Lo said...

She isn't going properly, she will just be visiting on her own and with the kids a few times. Did you ever think she would leave David in Milan for 2 months without even seeing him?

Stephanie said...

Great interview! Glad to hear she's going as i almost shit meself the first time i heard that she wasn't gonna go with him. That's a perfect picture accompanying the interview. Do you happen to have a bigger picture you can post?

PS: I love both of your sites, keep up the good work as they're my dail drugs :)

DVB said...

Thanks Stephanie.

I found that picture on google images, so I don't have a bigger picture sorry.

It must be somewhere though. I will have a dig around.

Letti said...

Hi, I've just descovered this blog, and I'm curious...
Is this really Victoria's blog?
Is it relly her who gets in touch with comments?

Please, satisfy my curiosity... :)

Of course i'm a fan of Victoria and David...

Thank you,

Letti, Spain.

Rachael said...

Whoohoo I love it when Victoria is in Europe as we get great outfits and no underground/car pics that I just hate. So I'm excited about seeing her in Milan with all the other fashionable Italian ladies.

DVB said...

This is a fan site written by a Victoria Beckham fan.

I do not think Victoria has the time to write a blog.

abby said...

galliano is reporting david could arrive as early as next week

Lala said...

LOL dVb hahah.

That photograph is from Arena magazine when she was on the cover of the March 2002 issue photogrpahed by James Dimmock.

All photos were smoking hot, i love her with short hair.

Fantastic interview, i am so excited for the ads, it truly is a perfect timing, so when they arrive in Milan there will be her billboards all over the city,ha!

kat said...

i know ive mentioned it before, but i thought everyone should know the dvb denim collection is now on sale (even pre-orders like the boyfriend jean and paint splatter)

i know for one im excited as some of the jeans are close to $100 off, making them nicer for my budget :)

a'fad said...

FC, what is WWD?

sorry,im from s'pore..not well update..

DVB said...

WWD is Women's Wear Daily.

It is a daily fashion paper, both online and in print.

Krisha said...

This picture truly shows just how short victoria beckham is.Some say she is no more than 5 foot 2 but because of the way she dresses it gives off a much taller illusion.

Ahhh the wonders of sky high heels, gotta love them!