Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Beckham's Housekeepers Arrested

Not sure how true this story is but it has been widely reported.

A couple who worked as housekeepers at David and Victoria Beckham's mansion have been arrested on suspicion of stealing personal items from them for sale on eBay.

Victoria's parents Tony and Jackie Adams raised the alarm after they spotted trinkets and items of clothing for sale on the internet auction site which they recognised.

When Mr and Mrs Adams travelled to the Beckhams' seven-bedroom home they discovered the items were missing and alerted police last Friday.

You just can't trust anyone it seems.

You an read the rest of the story here


brit said...

blimey how dense can you get, at least if your going to steal somthing from the beckhams get your moneys worth, going on ebay...lol. i hope they get everything back and i bet these house keepers will never work again after this....

lorysamgabry said...

Horrible story,I'm sad for them.