Sunday, 12 October 2008

David Beckham Plays Only 10 Mins As England Beat Kazakhstan 5-1

When David Beckham finally came off the subs bench in the 79th minute, replacing wonder kid Theo Walcott, he received the biggest cheer, which just goes to show that we will always love and appreciated what David has done for the England team.

It was nice how the fans gave him an ovation every time he touched the ball

The midfielder rewards the fans by producing many dangerous crossing.

It was in the 86 min he made the greatest impact when his free-kick, sets up Wayne Rooney for our 4th goal.

Tonight David won his 106th cap, equaling Bobby Charlton's record.

Only Peter Shilton (goalkeeper) with 125 caps and Bobby Moore (defender) with 108 caps, have more than caps than David.

I am not sure he will reach 125, but I hope he will go past Bobby Moore at least, to be the second most capped player for England.

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Claire McLoughlin said...

When Becks came on he certainly made an impact...
i think people those that say he is past it) should remember that was the poor opposition compared with what we should expect to face in the World Cup and as great as Walcott will become abnd already is, his lack of confidence did show yesterday which I think shows we still need Beckham on the bench as mentor and always there to come on and provide scoring opportunities! (As he did!)

Bee said...

I think it's good Theo is getting a start, but David looked great coming off the bench. So glad he played a part in a goal!

Mark said...

He proved that he still has the best ball placement in the game.

Anonymous said...

i think his performance should gain him more playing time. he actually suprised me with the pace he had with some of his runs. i think he created more scoring opportunities when he was in than many others did the entire game. walcott had a piss poor game. his opening minutes showed some high points but after that his passes (if he made them) were terrible and like the commentators said many have tried to take davids place (wright-phillips, bentley, lennen, etc), and have failed because they simply cant deliver the delivery of david beckham. especially with capello telling walcott to stay up rather than defend as much, this kind of a line-up is ideal for david who we all know doesnt do much defending. without a doubt i think he should definitely earn more minutes on the pitch, and people need to shut up about his age. ashley cole another veteran made a terrible mistake that cost a goal, did david no

Libbii said...


Yeh the match was amazing!!!
I went to Wembly to watch, He is soooo fit playin footie 'drool' ...


Mai said...

I think David is so much more happier playing in a country where soccor/futbol is a giant sport whereas in America American football is the SPORT to play and soccor is minor. and honestly the teams in the U.S. aren't that great.
but Go DAVID!

Girona said...

I think he will beat Bobby Moore's record and then he will be the highest capped outfield England player. Goalkeepers always play for longer than outfield players.

lorysamgabry said...

Only 10 minutes but Very Good.
Great David.
I agree with your comments.