Sunday, 26 October 2008

David Beckham Finally Speaks About Milan

OK, from this interview it is clear that David Beckham wants to join AC Milan, as he says so himself.

The reason is and I quote "My body is programmed to actually not have that amount of time off", referring to the long 4 month break in the MLS season.

Surely he was well aware of this break when he joined the MLS, which for me just goes to prove that he joined the MLS believing his England career was over. also has the same interview on its site. David talks again about the speculation linking him to AC Milan on loan during the MLS close season.

Can you explain why you are moving to Milan and for how long?

Well, one of the reasons I want to train and play in Milan for a few months, is the fact that MLS season doesn't run as long as the European season and my body is programmed to actually not have that amount of time off. During the off season, I'm hoping to go to Milan to train and play with them. I've played with two of the biggest clubs in the world, Man Utd and Real Madrid. I've been given the chance to join up with Milan for a couple of months and I'm very honoured.

Why AC Milan?

AC Milan is one of the biggest clubs in the world, I've been lucky enough to play with one of the biggest clubs in England, one of the biggest clubs in Spain and now I'm being given the chance to play with one of the biggest clubs in Italy. I've a great chance to go there, keep fit and play with some of the best players in the world. They've got Kaka, Ronaldinho, Seedorf and also a player with one of the best records in football, in Maldini. To be on the pitch, training field and get experience with those players is a big honour for myself. It also gives me a chance to keep my fitness up and also carry that on for when I come back to the Galaxy and for the MLS season.

Does this mean you are leaving the States?

No, it doesn't mean I'm leaving the States. I'm still very committed to being a Galaxy player. I came to the Galaxy to win trophies and I want to do that. I'm also very committed to my role as the MLS ambassador and I want to do that. You know, things have been great so far throughout the MLS. It's been slightly disappointing on the Galaxy side because we haven't made the play offs again but on the other side of it, the success of the MLS as a whole, the attendances and all aspects have been rising, they are all above previous levels. The MLS is in a great position at the moment.

What are your hopes for next season with the Galaxy?

My hopes for the season coming with the Galaxy is to win trophies. That is a big part of why I'm here. We haven't had much stability in the team. We now have Bruce Arena as manager, he knows the league, he knows the players. We have to push forward here now we are a big club, one of the biggest clubs in the MLS. Now it's important that we move on from here, forget the disappointment of the last two to three seasons and step up to the challenge and it's important we do that.


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