Thursday, 31 May 2007

David's Knighthood Blocked

David Beckham is at a centre of a Whitehall campaign to prevent him being made a knight.

This has come about due to his blasted move to the states. There are concerns about his move to play in the United States, where he will effectively be a tax exile, and also questions about whether his wife should become Lady Beckham.

Sir David and Lady Victoria Beckham. I love it. I hope those stuffy bods in Whitehall give Sir David his title. He has worked hard enough to deserve it.


brit said...

i do think he deserves to become a knight/sir, he and victoria have done alot for charity and suport children with disablities and dont even brag about it like a ton of celebs do. plus hes one of the best footballers in the world and is v patriotic so i think that would be really gr8.

Fashion Critic said...

He totally deserves it like you say. He has done a lot for a country not just in football but also with the Olympic bid