Monday, 21 May 2007

David Beckham Is The UK's “Greatest Briton Overseas”

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David Beckham tonight was given a prestigious award as our “Greatest Briton Overseas”.

The footballer was given the award for his contribution on the pitch, and off it for his contribution to the winning 2012 Olympic bid.

He flew in especially from Madrid to collect the award.

He needs no award from me. He has and will always be one of our greatest Britain's wherever he is.

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Thierry Henry was there to present David with his award. Damn, they are two fine men.

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brit said...

yup. helen looks gorgeous, he looks so handsome

thinista said...

Damn, you're right.....they ARE two fine men

Fashion Critic said...

Brit you are right. I was so caught up in David (as usual) I forget to even mention how wonderful our second Queen of England. She is amazing here.

brit said...

lol, shes so fab for her age! not being agesest at all lol she looks reali stunning. and david might be playing for England?!? i hope so

Fashion Critic said...

The team is announced this Saturday for England vs. Brazil.

I have everything crossed that David will feature as I will be at that game.

brit said...

im v jelous, thats going to b amazing, spesh as now we know davids playing!!! im so happy about that. the game looks like its going to b wicked with everyone whos been picked. hope u hav a fab time!