Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Victoria Shows Her Support

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Victoria Beckham left Heathrow Airport yesterday with a yellow ribbon around her Hermes bag.

Is this a new trend you ask? No it is a show of support for a little girl called Madeleine McCann, a four year old British girl who went missing from a holiday apartment in Portugal.

It has been widely reported that Victoria was going to Madrid via Heathrow to meet David, but regular readers will know that David is in the UK training with the England team for their match against Brazil on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Your source is always the fashion spot which is a site that not everybody can access. The pictures are actually from celeb-city and I'm sure they'll not appreciate you posting their pictures in your blog saying your source is a site that nobody can access.

Fashion Critic said...

I do not have access to Celeb City and Fashion Spot is open to anyone which is where I get my pictures from. I can only site the source in which I get my pictures.

Please get your facts straight before you bash me on my own site.

Funny how you are anonymous. Your other name would not happen to be Shiraz would it?

brit said...

lol? loving ur site fashion critic! always fab

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks always comment on my blog which is great. Thanks for your support. I am glad you love my site.