Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Victoria Beckham To Attend The MTV Movie Awards

You guys have Christmas, I have the fact that Victoria Beckham is due to present an award at the MTV Movie Awards. OK I am sad and slightly obsessed, but the only thing better than this is for her to present an Oscar to Jennifer Lopez (my second love).

After she had been demoted to Bravo last week by NBC, this is a positive step in her one woman campaign to conquer America.

The Awards take place on the 4th June and I CAN NOT WAIT for the dress. It will be amazing. I promise you that people.

Other stars expected to attend include Cameron Diaz, Bruce Willis and Lindsay Lohan.

As I keep saying....SHE'S ARRIVED !!!!!


Jennifer said...

Oooh this *is* very exciting!! I can't wait to see her bit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info..I cant wait!!!
also, just to say, keep the good work up, im devoted to his blog..x

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks Anon...I am glad you love reading it as much as I love making it. x