Tuesday, 1 May 2007

DeJa Vu

Victoria Beckham was in LA this weekend and it looks like she took her two favourite outfits with her.

Everything from the 29th April last year (right) to the 29th April this year (left) is the same apart from the shoes. Victoria is wearing the same red skirt by Louis Vuitton, the same red top, the same Asprey alligator handbag from the 167 collection, but this year red YSL tribute pumps.

The differences are the hair, the shoes, the top tucked (in 2006).

Victoria wore these red YSL pumps on her birthday when she went to dinner with her husband.

The second outfit, a striped shirt, black leggings and YSL Tribute Pumps, she wore whilst leaving LAX (left) this weekend, and also to David Beckham's team mate, Roberto Carlos' birthday party on 10th April.

I love Victoria Beckham, but with all the money in her and David's bank account she can afford not to wear the same outfit twice.


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Anonymous said...

i think it's a psychological thing. people believe that when you slightly change something about yourself it gives people a different perception of you. so recently she's being wearing the same clothes over again, so it's sort of a statement saying that she takes some other things seriously and she's not just about wearing new outfits everyday