Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Has Victoria Beckham Given In To Scientology?

Victoria Beckham has apparently agreed to study Scientology, it was claimed last night. I hope this is not true as she has managed to avoid it so far.

Her decision apparently comes after relations with new friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes cooled over the Beckhams' lack of interest in the religion.

Following Victoria's rumoured commitment to learn more about the (cult) faith, the Cruises are said to have agreed in principle to appear in a £10 million fly-on-the-wall documentary about her new life in the U.S.

Victoria is under pressure from producers at Simon Fuller's 19TV to fill the show with celebrities for fear of it failing to impress American audiences. This is unfair pressure and if I was her I would scrap the whole series. If she is willing to join the cult it is very said and just goes to prove how desperate she is to crack America. I would be very upset if this turns out to be true.

The Beckhams' publicist last night laughed off the suggestion that they would ever become involved in the religion. But friends are adamant that Victoria has been approached about joining a number of times and was finally giving in to the idea.

Her decision is understood to have caused tension at home as David Beckham is reluctant to become involved. In particular, he is said to be worried about the effect on their three boys.

Tom has made it clear their continued friendship depends on a commitment to Scientology. Tom basically wants them to be ambassadors for Scientology in Europe and Japan, where David is obviously huge.

Since Victoria is much more careerminded she agreed to her commitment right off the bat. David feels it's controlling, that he doesn't really believe in it and that it would be a bit false of him to preach something he doesn't believe in."



Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I hope she does not get involved with scientology either just for the sake of cracking the USA.

brit said...

i dont think so shes way too down to earth to get into it, untill it comes from her mouth i dont belive it, she might say shel look into it to b polite to tom cruise but i reali doubt she would eva take it up.

Anonymous said...

i doubt it's true because it seems like anyone tom and katie gets close to, the media'd say it's all in the name of recruiting members for scientology...but even if it is, everyone is entitled to have their own religion....she might study it but i don't see her becoming an active member...i remember she once wore the red kabalah bracelet but she never got actively involved....the only time i'll be very dissapointed is if she did it for her show....and eventhough i love her, i hope the show has been cancelled like the rumours say...i have a very bad feeling about it and if it airs i ain't gonna watch it so i don't have a heart attack before it even starts...i'll probably let someone else watch the 1st episode and tell me what it's about before i watch....lol

UncommonSense said...

That woman needs to eat a cookie. Heck, she needs to eat a box of them.