Thursday, 31 May 2007

Trouble In Paradise ?

My girl Lainey is a Posh and Becks obsessive like me. She posted the clip and questioned their body language.

I have always talked about her interest in football or lack of interest in football and he loves football so you can understand why they are distant in this clip.

He is agonising over the game and she is agonising over her top, make-up, hair, manicure...basically everything but the game. I think she is just letting him get on with it rather than drape herself all over him when he clearly has other things on his mind. This makes her a good

The beginning of the end? I don't think so.



brit said...

i dont think theres much wrong with that, their body langue wasnt that bad, he was proberly talking to somone else and she was a little quite/tired or just in a little world of their own at that point, mayb they had an argument, but isnt that normall? they have been together for 10 yrs. i dnt think we have anythin to worry about lol. i lvd that outfit victoria was wearing tho. o and davids smile!

Anonymous said...

Maybe in this situation it makes sense for her to just leave david alone cause we all know how much he wants to win a championship before leaving....but personally i think when they move to LA she should cut down on her travelling cause that's where they have the mose beautiful girls who would do anything to get david for a few minutes so if she keeps on with travelling and all that stuff....she might lose him to someone else....but on the other hand she is always travelling to the US so maybe now they're moving there her travelling would drop drastically....or what do ya think???by the way thanks for the pics you sent me....when i make my dress i'll send ya a