Thursday, 31 May 2007

Second Thoughts ?

The Daily Mail and other sources are asking with David being handed a dramatic England recall by Manager Steve McClaren, is Becks getting cold feet - and wishing he was staying in Spain to further his football career?

There was a private celebration of David and his Real Madrid team mates last week in which David Beckham was presented with a cake with the words "You'll Never Walk Alone" iced on it in chocolate, and an inscribed silver tray which urged him to remember the good times he has had at Real Madrid.

Beckham is said to have had tears in his eyes when he stood up to receive the keepsake.

He told his close friends and team-mates Roberto Carlos, Cicinho and Michel Salgado, who had arranged the party for him: "I will never forget you. You are like my family."

He added: "I will return to Madrid whenever I can."

He was reportedly genuinely moved by this expression of esteem from his peers, and filled with regret at the thought of leaving them.

How, then, must he feel now that his move to Los Angeles is looming?

I have been reporting for a while that my initial excitement of the move has now turned to disappointment, as he is still at the peak of his career. He now is taking a leap into professional oblivion - and more than one ally of David claims that he is having serious second thoughts.

"He's starting to get cold feet," said a friend of his sister Joanne this week.

"He would much rather than anything else be with his family in Hertfordshire. He's a home-loving boy."

David, have a look at your contract again. There must be a get out clause.



Anonymous said...

puhlease....they should leave the dud alone...because he's been called back doesn't mean that he's always gonna be picked for the if they need him to play irrespective of where he is on earth he would be released by his club as they have no choice....national duties are always more important than club duties

Fashion Critic said...

I agree. Country should come first. This is what all the hard club work is for, to have the honour of playing for your country.