Monday, 7 May 2007

David Beckham Is Going To Miss 'Real' Football

David Beckham admits he is going to miss huge football nights - like he enjoyed on Sunday as Real Madrid defeated Sevilla.

"You are always going to miss nights like this because they are special, the way the atmosphere is, the way the people are, the way the team played," said Beckham.

"You are always going to miss something like that, but everybody moves on.

"I`m going to cherish these next five games, a few at home and then a few away."

Beckham and Co. came back from a goal down to beat Sevilla 3-2. Real are just two points behind Barcelona who won their game on Saturday against Real Sociedad.

Fingers crossed that David can end his career in La Liga with a Championship medal.

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David and Victoria have been together for 10 years, which means she has been attending her husband's matches for 10 years. Girlfriend needs to try to look interested. Even if she is not interested (why wouldn't see be? - football is the greatest sport on earth) she has 10 years to perfect pretending to be.

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brit said...

wel miss him, hes a national treasure, i dont really think theres a bigger atmosphere than the one u get in the uk with football, we go crazy and it must b such a buzz.