Sunday, 27 May 2007

David and Victoria Beckham's Past Lives...Apparently

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Australian Clairvoyant Jeanette Kumara has written a book concerning the past lives of the stars. Below is what she believes are Victoria and David Beckham's past lives.

Born: May 2, 1975
Star sign: Taurus
Animal spirit: Hedgehog

Born: April 17, 1974
Star sign: Aries
Animal spirit: Frog

Some time in the 1600s, they shared a life in Italy David was intellectually handicapped, and Victoria was his older sister, who had to care for him after their parents died.

As David grew older, Victoria yeanred for a life of her own. He made this impossible because he needed constant care and acted like a spoilt child if he didn't get his own way.

Eventually, Victoria decided David should be sent to an asylum. He protested and became violent, but Posh stood her ground and David was taken by force. Victoria then married and had the children she wanted so dearly.

This time around, Victoria should take care because David is still seeking revenge.

???? Seems crazy but I thought I would share.

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brit said...

hehe, married to his sister?!? lol