Monday, 29 September 2008

Victoria & David Beckham Shopping At Fendi

Despite Victoria Beckham declaring in a recent interview that she was giving up shopping for the gym, she was spotted out in New York with hubby David shopping at Fendi.

I guess, she is not quite ready to give up shopping just yet. lol



SeRgIo said...

I love the fact that she is shopping again,,this is the victoria I love, shopping in chanel, shopping in fendi or just shopping,,,It doesn`t worth being so stylish and so fabulous as her, to be on a gym!!!

Ivanna said...

She looks gorgeous! That dress looks a little Roland Mouret-ish. . . or it could be one of her own.

Sarah said...

I really hope that she doesnt give up shopping for the gym. That would be really sad. I love seeing pix of her hitting the shops with a totally gorgeous outfit on.