Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Victoria Beckham To Appear Regis & Kelly Live on Friday

Victoria Beckham will be on Regis & Kelly Live on Friday, to talk about her fragrance.

I was kinda hoping that David would be there also, but the R&K website only says Victoria.

I can't wait to see what she wears.

No doubt those of us outside the US will have to wait for it to appear on You Tube.

Thanks to those who informed me.


Heather said...

I will have to watch...always interesting in seeing what she will wear.
I am liking the new cut more and more. But, I like change. She looks great!

Matt said...

Hmm, and they both mocked Victoria and David last year, let's see how fake Kelly is gonna be.

Anonymous said...

David has a game in Chicago the day before this interview. The Macy's signing is at 5pm on the same day as this Regis and Kelly interview, which gives him enough time to fly to NY.

T.O.CityGal said...

Aww I don't think Kelly will be fake... They dressed up as David and Victoria as part of their Halloween special, as it was around the time the Beckham's had moved to America... It was all in good fun, and I think Kelly and Victoria both have good senses of humor so I think they will get along! They're both mothers with 3 children and both fabulous! I think it will be a fun interview :)

Rock*Star said...

I hope she wears something from her collection ..

It'll be intresting , specialy after they made fun of them ..
am sure they'll mention that ..

Can't wait to hear what'll Victoria say about that :D

Hockeywife said...

It will be fun to se what she will wear this time.

Anonymous said...

victoria and david is the BEST !!
by anna luke mery and sophy

Rebecca said...

Just watched the interview. I thought she looked great and showed her fantastic sense of humour.

angir said...

I am a Brit here in USA and in fashion. What I found disturbing, whilst watching VB walk onto R&K, was that VB was painfully thin and could hardly walk in her CL. In the UK we are healthy. VB, looked nice, but she really needs to eat more. Then people would respect her work. VB is setting a poor example to young girls with her - almost - non exsistant waist line and her need for attention. Her husband is so real. Hence his success. I am afraid she is cashing in on his fame. I wish her every success with the fragrance. I sat three rows behind DB. & VB at the ESPYS and I thought she looked better there. Love her new hair!!!! cut. VB represent us Brits with more intellect and eat some Carbs Please.