Sunday, 14 September 2008

David Blogs On Thursday

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Well, it’s a great feeling to finish the two England games with six points and a good a start to World Cup 2010 qualification. Against Andorra I thought we played well enough and it was a professional performance from the team, but against Croatia last night it seemed everything just clicked into place. It was an amazing score line and everyone played brilliantly. To be honest, we owed the fans and ourselves that one, but to win 4-1 away to a team that has never lost a competitive match at home was as good as it gets.

I couldn’t have been happier for Theo Walcott, who scored a hat-trick. He’s still so young, but he played with no fear and scored three great goals. It was a great match for everyone, the manager, the team, and particularly the fans, who never stopped singing.

I now travel back to LA for our next match against Kansas City Wizards on Saturday. There are only seven games to go until the playoffs, but we’re only four points off third place, so if we can get a few wins we’ll definitely be in contention for a playoff place. Hopefully we can get that first win in Kansas.
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