Sunday, 7 September 2008

Victoria Beckham Dress Preview Today

We have had preview pictures, but today in New York, Victoria Beckham will be presenting her collection to buyers and fashion writers.

If you are in New York at 9am, you now know were she will be...the Waldorf Towers.

Hopefully we will get the rest of the collection tomorrow.



Jullie said...

couldn't they spell her name correctly

Meg said...

Thanks for the heads-up. She must be really nervous and excited. Hope she gets good reviews and we get pics.

Sofia Muscatello said...

In this months Redbook Victoria has a half page spread.

DVB said...

LOL, I didn't notice the spelling mistake.

Rock*Star said...

Wish her all the luck :)
I hope everything goes well..

Sarah said...

I cant wait to see the rest of her designs. I really hope it goes really well for her.